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Buliye Lot #2 - Natural - Guji, Ethiopia - 250g

Buliye Lot #2 - Natural - Guji, Ethiopia - 250g

Embark on a journey to the heart of Ethiopia's Guji region with our latest offering – 'Buliye' coffee from Buno Coffee Trading. Nestled amidst lush forests and thriving indigenous trees, Buno manages seven washing stations at elevations exceeding 2000 masl, cultivating an ideal environment for exceptional coffee.

Led by Mr. Abiyot since its establishment in 2018, Buno is committed to partnering with smallholder farmers to produce single-producer micro-lots of unparalleled quality. By providing premiums for fully ripened cherries and offering interest-free credit lines for harvest expenses, Buno empowers farmers while ensuring meticulous cherry selection and processing.

At the Dikitu site, 120 raised beds exclusively process natural coffees, showcasing Buno's dedication to innovation and excellence. The name 'Buliye,' meaning 'boarding' in Afaan Oromoo, pays homage to the small village where 11 growers contribute their harvest, nurtured by fertile volcanic soil and native shade trees.

Experience the essence of Ethiopian terroir in every sip of 'Buliye' coffee – a testament to Buno's commitment to quality, sustainability, and community empowerment. Cheers to the artisans behind this extraordinary brew!

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