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DRIINK LIMITED COFFEE 1 - 100g - Flores Mbohang Lot 4

DRIINK LIMITED COFFEE 1 - 100g - Flores Mbohang Lot 4

This range of coffees is sold in 100g branded tins


Driink limited run coffee number one is from Flores Island, Indonesia and is fermented anaerobically with a palm juice culture made by combining locally grown palm juice with local yeast, fungi and microbes. This starter culture is sprayed onto the coffee cherries before they are submerged in an anaerobic environment at ambient temperatures between 15-22 degrees for 240-360 hours, decided by when the pH level in the liquid is between 3.8-4.0.

Fermented cherries are then placed on drying beds for around 7-8 weeks until green bean moisture drops to 10%, when beans are rested for three months in sealed plastic bags and prepared for export.

The intricacy of this processing method means that the method is highly replicable and coffees, though will vary slightly due to uncontrollable differences involved in fermentation, are relatively consistent. The palm juice culture results in a bright, unique coffee with tasting notes of strawberry, mango and jasmine. 

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